The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid


A western about the James gang and a big bank heist up in Minnesota. It's gritty and cold and interesting, but boy is it clear it was made in the 70s. From the distorted guitar country songs to the quick edited gun fights, to the dialogue looping, and mostly the 70s playmate women at the local brothel. At one point, Kaufman uses a porno trick and shows an identical scene twice. It was funny and a good ride, but pretty dated.

Shown as part of Cinequest VIII, The San Jose Film Festival.

Cole Younger ... Cliff Robertson
Jesse James ... Robert Duvall
Jim Younger ... Luke Askew
Clell Miller ... R.G. Armstrong
Allen ... Dana Elcar
Manning ... Donald Moffat
Frank James ... John Pearce
Bob Younger ... Matt Clark
Charley Pitts ... Wayne Sutherlin
Wilcox ... Robert H. Harris
Heywood ... Jack Manning
Bunker ... Elisha Cook Jr.
Edited by Douglas Stewart
Cinematography by Bruce Surtees
Written and Directed by Philip Kaufman [The Right Stuff, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being, Henry & June]

91 minutes

This Was Written February 1, 1998

6.25 Maltin
6.25 Videohound

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