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Blown Away

John Rice & Joe Batteer & Jay Roach [Mr. Susannah Hoffs, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery]
Principal Cast:
Jimmy Dove . . . Jeff Bridges [The Last Picture Show, King Kong, Tron, Against All Odds, Starman, Jagged Edge, The Morning After, Tucker: The Man And His Dream, The Fabulous Baker Boys, The Fisher King, American Heart, The Vanishing, Fearless, White Squall, The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Big Lebowski, The Contender]
Ryan Gaerity . . . Tommy Lee Jones [Stormy Monday, Lonesome Dove, The Package, JFK, Under Siege, The Fugitive, Heaven & Earth, Natural Born Killers, Cobb, The Client, Blue Sky, Batman Forever, Volcano, Men In Black, U.S. Marshals, Double Jeopardy]
Kate . . . Suzy Amis [The soon-to-be fifth Mrs. Jim Cameron, Fandango, Twister, Where The Heart Is, The Usual Suspects, Titanic]

Dreary action thriller with Irish wacko Jones targeting Boston's bomb removal squad--and one member in particular (Bridges, a former IRA crony)--with his insidious explosions.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
Tommy Lee Jones plays Ryan Gaerity, a 'too violent for the IRA' terrorist. Jeff Bridges is a former friend of Jones' who now works for the Boston Bomb Disposal unit. [Time in film: 40:19] Jones is at a Boston neighborhood flea market. He negotiates with a kid to buy his silver ball perpetual motion toy. His young mother holds up a cassette out of its case.
Mom: Can I interest you in this U2 tape?
Ryan: You who? [He is distracted by Bridges' wife walking by]
Mom: U2. You know, the Irish band?
Ryan: Oh.
Mom: Come on. Everybody knows U2.
Ryan: Well, you'll have to excuse my ignorance. I've been out of the mainstream a bit. But I'll give it a listen, see what the lads are doing these days. [Takes tape]. You're a very caring mother. [Looks at toy] It's very pretty.

[Time in film: 63:06] I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For is playing as Jones builds a bomb, and the rookie cop works out, and Jones videotapes him. This reference probably wouldn't qualify on its own, but we know at this point that Jones owns the Joshua Tree tape. The entire song is not played.

[Time in film: 94:50] With Or Without You is being played on a boom box as Jones makes a bomb, and Bridges rides his motorcycle, and the rookie cop follows Bridges to see what he's up to, and Bridges goes to the scene of his uncle's explosion. We cut to inside Jones' hideout as he plants bombs and where he sings along "And you give, and you give, and you give yourself away." [Side note: the closed captioning has the following lyrics onscreen "my hands are tired, my body bruised..."]

[Time in film: 98:00] Bridges steps on Jones' boat (hideaway) and sneaks around worried about boobytraps. He hears the distant sound of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Bridges realizes that Jones is nearby and follows the music. Cut to Jones doing a wacky crazy guy jig to the song. Good guy slowly makes his way towards bad guy. Jones sings "but I still haven't found what I'm looking for" while drinking. Good guy pulls gun.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Absolutely not. This film sets the record for worst accents in recorded history. Jones is supposed to be a Northern Ireland terrorist who has lived there for more than 35 years. His accent comes and goes. At some points he sounds like a rare Irish-Texan. He takes a stab at Gaelic in some early scenes. Just as disconcerting is the way Bridges changes from California to Boston when he says 'park' or 'car'. His was harder to get past. The film itself is ridiculous with all explosions happening in slow motion, with Bridges yelling 'noooooo'. He's a good actor, but he can't save this. Jones is usually so terrific, and he gets to chew a lot of scenery but he seems to know it's a pile of crap. I noticed on a recent Inside The Actors Studio, that James 'most pompous guy on earth' Lipton did not bring up this piece of cinematic art during the ninety minute retrospective. If there is a single cool thing, it's the bombs themselves, with all kinds of contraptions to set the timers and such. Avoid this one.

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