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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Television Show
First Aired November 10, 2002. Episode "Mary, Joseph, and Larry", Season 3, Episode 9.
There is no writer credited. They work without a script.
Principal Cast:
Larry David.....Larry David [Saturday Night Live; Radio Days; New York Stories; Seinfeld]
Cheryl David.....Cheryl Hines
Jeff Greene.....Jeff Garlin [King Of The Hill; Straight Talk; Hero; Bounce]
Doctor.....Jack Gallagher
Becky.....Kaitlin Olson
Dora.....Dyana Ortelli [Seinfeld; NYPD Blue; CSI; La Bamba; Born In East L.A.; American Me; Fresh]

Larry tries to make amends for ruining the manger scene set up by Cheryl's family.
Larry proves himself an incompetent Christmas tipper, while both Larry and Jeff prove themselves incompetent at creating believable alibis for the messes they get in. After offending his housekeeper, Larry makes up with her at the expense of his wife. Later, Larry attempts to make up with Cheryl's family for ruining their nativity scene.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime Just After Credits] Larry is at his doctor's office. He is trying to expel a pubic hair from his throat.
Doctor: Hey, Larry.
Larry: Hi.
Doctor: How are ya?
Larry: Ok.
Doctor: Good. Hey, listen, is this...is this true? Did I hear that you were at the U2 concert last night? Ha ha ha. I gotta tell ya man, I've been thinking about you, and I can't see you there.
Larry: My wife dragged me there. She had these tickets...and so I did it as a favor to my wife. It's a little embarrassing to me.
Doctor: Don't be embarrassed. You like the Rock N' Roll.
Larry: How'd you know I was at the U2 concert?
Doctor: Uh, you know Marge...at the front? She called to confirm your appointment. Apparently, your housekeeper told her that you'd been there.
Larry: My housekeeper told Marge I was at the U2 concert?
Doctor: That's what I...yeah...apparently...yeah. I didn't know that you were into the Rock N Roll thing.
Larry: Well, I'm not, you know, I just don't like the idea that everything I do people are finding out about through my housekeeper. That's all.
Doctor: Hey, I don't know what else you did yesterday. That's...that's the only thing I know about yesterday.
Larry: All right. Well, don't mention to anybody that I was at the U2 concert, if you can.
Doctor: Alright, so let's move past that. What do we have goin' on here today?
Larry: Um. I have something stuck in my throat.

[Showtime 4 minutes] At Larry's home, he confronts his housekeeper, Dora. And then gives her a Christmas tip.
Larry: Hey, Dora. Um, could you do me a favor? Okay, when people call and ask for me, could you please just not tell them where I am.
Dora: Okay.
Larry: Even the doctor...the doctor's office called up and you told them I went to a U2 concert. You know?
Dora: Uh huh.
Larry: I don't like people knowing where I go.
Dora: Okay. Okay.
Larry: Just say I'm not home.
Dora: Not home.
Larry: Okay, can you do that?
Dora: Not home.
Larry: Yeah.
Dora: Mr. Larry not home.
Larry: Yes, exactly.
Dora: Okay.
Larry: Okay, thank you. Okay, and, uh, here's a little Christmas thing for you. [He takes out cash] Here you go.
Dora: Gracias.
Larry: Merry Christmas to you.
Dora: Merry Christmas, Mr. Larry. Thank you.
Larry: All right.
Dora: You enjoy.
Larry: You, too. Ha.

[Showtime 6 minutes] Larry goes to his manager Jeff's office. The two of them are going to go to their club and pass out tips to the staff.
Jeff: Hey. So, um, I hear that you were at the, uh, U2 concert.
Larry: My wife dragged me to the concert, so big deal. You know?
Jeff: Do you know anyone in the band?
Larry: No. Well, yeah. I know the lead singer.
Jeff: What's his name?
Larry: I know his name.
Jeff: You don't know his name.
Larry: Yeah. Hey, asshole, I know his name.
Jeff: You don't know his name.
Larry: You wanna bet?
Jeff: A hundred bucks.
Larry: Okay, his name's B, uh, B-O-N-O.
Jeff: You gotta pronounce it.
Larry: Ha, I don't know how to pronounce it. I don't know if it's Sonny Bono or Bono.
Jeff: It's Bono.
Larry: Is it Bono or Bono?
Jeff: It's Bono. But you know what?
Larry: What?
Jeff: Because you just spelled it, itheredraw, okay? I don't owe you anything.
Larry: Okay, fine. Who told you, by the way?
Jeff: Dora. I called the house, she just told me.
Larry: That is just unbelievable. I just spoke to her about that. My doctor knows now. Now you know. She told the doctor the same thing.
Jeff: Okay, well, you need to talk with your maid.
Larry: Well, if you come over to my house in a couple days, you'll see a Christmas tree threre.

[Showtime 13 minutes] Larry's back at his house. His Christian in-laws are at his house. They have put up a huge Christmas tree. It's the first one that Jewish Larry has had in his house. He goes into the kitchen to talk with his wife, Cheryl, and his sister-in-law, Becky.
Larry: Hi, Becky.
Becky: How are you? Happy Holidays.
Larry: Happy Holidays.
Becky: How are you?
Larry: Okay.
Cheryl: Hello Darling. Honey, why can't you wear the scarf that Dora gave you for your birthday? You know, the red one?
Larry: Because it itches me. It's itchy.
Cheryl: Well, she brought it up to me today. She just feels like, you know, you don't care that she gave you this lovely present. And then she told me that you yelled at her for telling people, uh, where you go.
Larry: I didn't yell at her. We had a talk because my doctor had heard that I went to the U2 concert.
Becky: You went to the U2 concert?
Larry: You know, she dragged me to the concert, so I went to the concert, what's the big deal?
Cheryl: And she's upset because you tipped Carlos twice as much as you tipped her.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Curb Your Enthusiasm is by far the best comedy on the air today, bar none. Better than Sex and the City, Scrubs, Friends. Every other show. The final episode was the funniest thing I've seen on TV in ten years or so. I mean I had to pause the Replay to laugh and then went back to watch again. The show is not scripted. The actors have an idea what the scene is going to accomplish and then they just talk to each other. They talk over each other and it sound honest. HBO, as usual, keeps us wanting more by having a short season. Think of Larry David as George Costanza from Seinfeld, but more nitpicky and anal. The tiny things that have ever bothered you drive Larry insane. Larry plays himself, a guy with all the money in the world, from the Seinfeld syndication. Famous people play themselves as they come into contact with Larry around Los Angeles. We've seen Ted Danson, Michael York, Martin Short, Paul Reiser, and Richard Lewis is a recurring character. But even with all the cash he could ever spend, he is still not happy. In this episode: Larry's upset that his housekeeper told people where he went, he thinks he tipped a waiter twice and the waiter lied to cover it up, his manager lied to his wife about a late-night phone call, Larry is forced to wear an itchy scarf so that his housekeeper's feelings aren't hurt, Larry has to allow his in-laws to put up a giant Christmas tree, he discusses Jewish couples who also put up Christmas trees, he mistakenly eats a nativity scene made out of cookies (Sister-in-law: You just ate our Lord and Savior, Larry!), he hires a human-acted nativity scene and sets them up on his driveway, he offends Joseph by saying that Mary is a hottie, and all the while, he is trying to cough up a pubic hair. This is so much smarter than every other comedy on the air. There is really no comparison.

Notes from HBO:
Jews With Trees. Larry, vehemently opposed to Jews having Christmas trees in their homes, says, "There's nothing worse than Jews with trees."
Cut-off Time for Platonic Friends. Jeff says that the latest one can phone a platonic friend is 10pm.
A Good Folder. Larry compliments Dora, his housekeeper, on the way she handles laundry. "You're a good folder," he says.
Sponge Replacement. Conversely, Larry tells Dora that her "sponge replacement isn't so hot."
Hobo Revolutionaries. The Joseph from the living Nativity scene tells Larry that for the 4th of July, they play hobo revolutionaries.
Usted/Tu. Larry tells his gardener that it's okay for him to use the familiar form when addressing him; "'Usted's' a little too formal for us... why don't we use the 'tu' form?"

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