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Dream For An Insomniac

Writer and Director:
Tiffanie DeBartolo [daughter of former owner of San Francisco 49ers]
Principal Cast:
Frankie . . . Ione Skye [River's Edge, Say Anything, The Rachel Papers, Wayne's World, Guncrazy, Gas Food Lodging, One Night Stand]
Allison . . . Jennifer Aniston [Friends, She's The One, Picture Perfect, Object of My Affection, Office Space, The Iron Giant]
David Shrader.....Mackenzie Astin [Wyatt Earp, The Last Days Of Disco]
Delivery Man . . . Puck [That guy from "The Real World"]

A dreamer who couldn't sleep. An author who couldn't write. A friend who couldn't help but help.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Film Time about 26:00] Seven friends are playing scrabble and eating chinese food and they begin one of those Gen-X conversations that has never actually happened in real life. Frankie is a girl who has a crush on David. Allison is the airheaded friend. Rob and BJ are a gay couple. Juice is a slacker friend.
Frankie: You have to allow an artist to express themselves as they choose to. I mean as long as the honesty is there and they both do that.
Juice: Well, that's where I tend to disagree with you.
Frankie: Well, that's where you're reasoning ability is broken down. Will somebody back me up here?
David: I will. She's right, Juice. Eddie Vedder is very much like Bono was a decade ago.
Frankie: It's the passion.
Juice: But Eddie Vedder will never turn into the spectacle that Bono has become.
Allison: Uh, who is Eddie Vennor?
BJ: Vedder. 'D' sweetheart. Two of them.
Allison: All right. Easy crusher.
Frankie: Please don't talk like that about Bono.
Rob: Hey, you want to talk voice of a generation, let's talk Michael Stipe.
David: Well, they all belong in the same category.
Frankie: It's a hierarchy.
Juice: What do you mean by hierarchy?
Frankie: It's like a trinity. If Bono is God, then Eddie would be Jesus.
Juice: Why is Bono God? Why can't Eddie be God?
David: Bono is older.
Frankie: Right. God came first.
David: Right.
Allison: So if it's the trinity, then who's the holy spirit?
Frankie: The man. Sinatra. Who else?
Juice: Ugh. Scared of that.
BJ: Uh, excuse me.
Frankie: Yes, BJ.
BJ: I'm sorry, but that just does not work for me.
Rob: Well, Bennie, in this family Sinatra is God, so....
Juice: I don't know why you stick up for that whiskey-drinking old geezer all the time.
Frankie: Because he happens to have the eyes of an angel. And he gave my father a job when no one else would. David, you better hide your letters, I tend to glance.
Juice: I think we're getting off the point, Frankie.
David: What is the point?
Juice: The point is, if A and B, then C. Bono's lost his integrity, Vedder hasn't and won't, thus Vedder is God. Period.
David: Worship the music, not the musicians. Vedder said that.
Frankie: I read that interview.
David: You did?
Frankie: It was really good.
David: It was great.
BJ: Oh God, I am so so over this conversation.
Allison: I have lost the will to spell and I have no idea what just transpired.
David: I've gotta go too.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
It wanted to desperately to be hip. There's a slacker and a gay couple and an Italian uncle. It is very San Francisco. The performances are fine but there really isn't any more to the story than girl meets boy, boy has girlfriend.

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