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First Aired February 6, 2002. Episode "Youth Bandits", Season 2, Episode 13.
John Beckerman [The Late Show With David Letterman] and Rob Burnett [The Late Show With David Letterman]
Principal Cast:
Edward Ed Jerome Stevens.....Thomas Cavanagh [Sportsnight]
Carol Vessey.....Julie Bowen [E.R.; Dawson's Creek; Multiplicity]
Michael Mike Burton.....Josh Randall
Nancy Burton.....Jana Marie Hupp [Seinfeld; Friends; Brooklyn South; The Drew Carey Show; Vision Quest; Barton Fink; Independence Day]
Molly Hudson.....Lesley Boone [L.A. Law]
Philip Phil Washington Stubbs.....Michael Ian Black [NYPD Blue]
Kenny Sandusky.....Mike Starr [Law & Order; Frasier; High Incident; The West Wing; Cruising; The Natural; Cat's Eye; The Money Pit; Radio Days; Punchline; New York Stories; Lean On Me; Uncle Buck; Last Exit To Brooklyn; Born On The Fourth Of July; Blue Steel; A Shock To The System; Goodfellas; Miller's Crossing; Billy Bathgate; The Bodyguard; Mad Dog And Glory; The Hudsucker Proxy; Blown Away; Ed Wood; Trial By Jury; The Birdcage; EZ Streets; Blood And Wine; Snake Eyes]
Shirley Pifko.....Rachel Cronin
Warren P. Cheswick.....Justin Long [Galaxy Quest]
Barney Stacuzzo.....Andy Richter []
Jessica Martell.....Robin Paul [Mr. Show; LateLine; The Awful Truth; The Positively True Adventures Of The Alleged Texas Cheerleader-Murdering Mom; Late Night With Conan O'Brien]
Ed and Carol disagree about the propriety of reuniting Ed's high school garage band to play at the funeral of the band's songwriter. Warren dates Jessica for a week and immortalizes the event with an infinity tattoo. Molly tutors Phil in chemistry so he can get his G.E.D.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 30:00 with commercials] Ed, Mike, and Barney decide to have a band practice to get ready for the funeral of their school friend. Barney holds the practice in his garage. His garage appears exactly like it was in 1987. Among the artifacts is a Joshua Tree poster hanging up on the garage wall.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Stuckyville is one of those 'only on tv' towns where everyone gets along and all the laws are perfectly manicured. The show is a dramedy in the style of Northern Exposure, where the small town quirks become the major character. It is nowhere near as creative as the late, great, NoEx however. It's funny and all the lead actors are great. I especially like the interplay between married parents Mike and Nancy.

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