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First Aired October 16, 2002. Episode "Charlotte & Wilbur", Season 3, Episode 4.
John Beckerman [The Late Show With David Letterman] and Rob Burnett [The Late Show With David Letterman]
Principal Cast:
Edward Ed Jerome Stevens.....Thomas Cavanagh [Sportsnight]
Carol Vessey.....Julie Bowen [E.R.; Dawson's Creek; Multiplicity]
Michael Mike Burton.....Josh Randall
Nancy Burton.....Jana Marie Hupp [Seinfeld; Friends; Brooklyn South; The Drew Carey Show; Vision Quest; Barton Fink; Independence Day]
Molly Hudson.....Lesley Boone [L.A. Law]
Philip Phil Washington Stubbs.....Michael Ian Black [NYPD Blue]
Shirley Pifko.....Rachel Cronin
Warren P. Cheswick.....Justin Long [Galaxy Quest]
Mark Vanacore.....Michael Genadry
Diane Snyder.....Ginnifer Goodwin
Carol's father returns from Florida in time for his birthday party, unaware that she's engaged. When she finally springs the news on him, he's hurt that she's marrying someone he's never even met. At his birthday party, he gives Carol and Dennis the cold shoulder and refuses to speak to her or accept her apology. When she goes to his house to explain, she is shocked to discover that her father remarried a year earlier without telling her. Carol goes ballistic until she finds out that her father may be sick. When she asks him, he denies it. Finally, he visits her and they talk about how they have tried to protect each other ever since her mother died. He finally admits that he's scared and asks Carol to come with him to his doctor's appointment, where they get good news.
Warren freaks out about the unfairness of the SAT system and mounts a one-man protest he calls "Pencils Down!". After several fruitless attempts to be taken seriously and enroll anyone else in his boycott, he finally faces up to his fear of failure and joins Molly's SAT prep class.
Eli's long-standing rival taunts him that he'll capture the trophy that Eli has won each time they've competed against each other in the annual jitterbug contest. Ed, whose intentions are better than his dancing techniques, offers to stand in for Eli, who quickly learns that Ed has vastly overstated his abilities on the dance floor. After much practice, Ed performs credibly on the big night until he overdoes it and his drops his partner, thereby losing the trophy. Undeterred by the defeat, Eli teaches Ed and Warren an important lesson about perserverance and courage in the process.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 18:00 with commercials] Warren, Diane, and Mark are at The Goat, eating lunch, while Warren tries to figure out how to publicize his anti-SAT campaign.
Warren: The question is, Diane, what can we do to bring some attention to our cause, you know?
Diane: Make that your cause. I already scored a 1490 on my SATs.
Warren: I wish I could get Richard Gere on the phone...or Bono. Bono! That dude supports everything!
Diane: Warren?
Warren: Yeah?
Diane: Stop freaking out and just take the test! You're smart. You've got nothing to be afraid of.
Warren: I'm not afraid.
Diane: Oh, please. You don't expect me to take this protest thing seriously.
Warren: Why wouldn't you?
Diane: Because you're the most apathetic human being alive.
Warren: I am not. [Motions to Mark]. He is.
Mark: Will the two of you shut up? The "Shame On You" guy is on.
[Scene ends at about 19:00 as they watch one of those consumer advocate guys on TV. Warren decides he should take his case to the TV guy.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Stuckyville is one of those 'only on tv' towns where everyone gets along and all the laws are perfectly manicured. The show is a dramedy in the style of Northern Exposure, where the small town quirks become the major character. It is nowhere near as creative as the late, great, NoEx however. It's funny and all the lead actors are great. The second season did win the uncoveted trophy as The Biggest Disappointment of the 2001 TV Season from teevee.org

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