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First Aired October 26, 2001. Episode "Muskrat Love (aka Raccoon Guy)", Season 1, Episode 6.
Carol Leifer [Seinfeld; It's Like, You Know...; Saturday Night Live; The Larry Sanders Show; Larry David: Curb Your Enthusiasm] & Chuck Martin
Principal Cast:
Ellen Richmond..... Ellen DeGeneres [The Larry Sanders Show; Will & Grace; Ellen; Doctor Doolittle; If These Walls Could Talk 2]
Dot Richmond.....Cloris Leachman [The Simpsons; Malcolm In The Middle; Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid; The Last Picture Show; Young Frankenstein; High Anxiety; The Muppet Movie; Soggy Bottom, USA; Herbie Goes Bananas; The Facts Of Life; Now And Then; The Iron Giant; Music Of The Heart]
Mr. Munn.....Martin Mull [The Larry Sanders Show; L.A. Law; The Simpsons; My Bodyguard; Take The Job And Shove It; Mr. Mom; Private School; The Player; Mrs. Doubtfire]
Rusty Carnouk..... Jim Gaffigan [LateLine; Sex and The City; Entropy; Three Kings]
Catherine Richmond.....Emily Rutherfurd
Tug..... Brian Sites
The Richmonds try an assortment of remedies to rid themselves of what they believe to be pesky raccoons digging up their front lawn.
Failing to get rid of the "intruders" by other means -- like Dot serenading them when she hears they are repelled by high-pitched noises -- the Richmonds arrange for a "raccoon guy" to eliminate the problem, not realizing that the exterminator might be more annoying than the problem itself.
Meanwhile, Ellen tries to help a high school student who has a habit of expressing his love for a fellow student in unacceptable ways.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
Tug, a student, is in Ellen's office. Ellen is a guidance counselor. Ellen is a lesbian. Tug declares his love for Ellen.
Ellen: Tug, it's like Bono says, 'you still haven't found what you're looking for.'
Tug: I love U2.
Ellen: Me too. They're my favorite band.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
I have never watched this show. Thanks to Amy Hanauer for the submission.

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