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His Fame Is Their Fortune.

Television Show
First Aired July 31, 2005. Episode "I Love You Too", Season 2, Episode 9.
Doug Ellin
Principal Cast:
Eric "E" Murphy.....Kevin Connolly [ER; Rocky V; Antwone Fisher; The Notebook]
Vincent "Vince" Chase.....Adrian Grenier [Celebrity; Cecil B. DeMented; Artificial Intelligence: AI]
Johnny "Drama" Chase.....Kevin Dillon [NYPD Blue; Heaven Help Us; Platoon ("Ain't nothing like a piece of p****, except maybe the Indy 500"); Dear America: Letters Home From Vietnam; Immediate Family; The Doors]
Turtle.....Jerry Ferrara [King Of Queens]
Shauna.....Debi Mazar [Friends; Goodfellas; Madonna's Papa Don't Preach Video; The Doors; Jungle Fever; Little Man Tate; Civil Wars; Singles; Malcolm X; So I Married An Axe Murderer; Money For Nothing; L.A. Law; Bullets Over Broadway; Batman Forever; Empire Records; Girl 6; Trees Lounge; She's So Lovely; The Insider; Collateral]
Ira Gold.....Jeremy Piven [Seinfeld; Chicago Hope; Will & Grace; Lucas; One Crazy Summer; Say Anything...; The Grifters; White Palace; The Player; Bob Roberts; Singles; The Larry Sanders Show; Judgement Night; Twenty Bucks; Heat; Ellen; Grosse Point Blank; Kiss The Girls; Don King: Only In America; Very Bad Things; The Late, Great, Cupid; Black Hawk Down; Old School; Runaway Jury]
R.J. Spencer.....Rainn Wilson [Six Feet Under; Galaxy Quest; Almost Famous; Baadasssss!]
Herself.....Vanessa Angel [Spies Like Us; King Of New York; Sleep With Me; Kingpin]
Herself.....Jesse Jane [Busty Cops (I'm not proud); Other Porn]
Herself.....Devon [Country Comfort; Other Porn]
Herself.....Teagan Presley
Herself.....Mandy Moore [The Princess Diaries; Saved!]

Vince makes a splash at a convention with his new co-star. When neither Eric nor Shauna can appease a bitter journalist, Turtle sends a pair of professionals to the rescue. Ari gives Drama a rockin' birthday gift.

U2 Pop Culture References:
Background you should know. Vince is an up-and-coming actor. He has just been chosen to be the lead in James Cameron's next film, "Aquaman," based on the DC Comic. His older brother is a b-list actor named John, but everyone calls him "Drama". Vince's best friend is Eric who is now his business manager, and Turtle is the fourth friend from back in Queens. Vince makes the money for the rest of them. Vince's co-star in the film is Mandy Moore, who we're told, broke Vince's heart during the filming of "A Walk To Remember," when he asked her to marry him, but she refused. The real actors and film titles make this show particularly entertaining.

[Showtime: First scene after credits.] We open on an electric sign on the side of L.A.'s Staples Center reading "U2-Sold Out!" A pun on their appearance on this show perhaps? The four friends are walking around the arena at a quick pace. Vince and Eric have normal t-shirts and jeans, Turtle has his usual New York sports jerseys, but Drama is wearing shades and the U2 tour shirt with the "Superhero V" on it and tour dates on the back. He also has an Irish flag wrapped around his shoulders. This scene was filmed outside an actual show. Perhaps Kevin Dillon, who plays Drama, is the most "incognito" because he has the most familiar face. Although everyone knows that L.A. is inhabited by "beautiful people", it's clear that the director has strategically placed extra-beautiful extras in the frame every so often as the boys walk by. In the background, you can see actual fans waiting for the actual General Admission door to open. They look like normal people. It is sunset and it's clear that the GA people are getting antsy. This is a strange mixture of actual fans waiting for a show and extra hired as background. Also, when you live in L.A., you're not supposed to let on that you see someone famous because that wouldn't be cool. These four guys are walking with a camera crew filming them. It's interesting to watch people stare without wanting to get caught staring. Did they recognize the four actors, or believe that they were supposed to know who they were. Again, the fiction within the real of this show is a trip. Vincent Chase is supposed to be the next big thing in Hollywood. Not exactly DeCaprio level pre-Titanic, but someone whose face has adorned many a magazine cover. The crowd would react in the way they're reacting in this scene. "Isn't that…?"]

Drama: Is it a beautiful day or what?
[The four of them are passing the statue of Jesse Owens]
Eric: That's a good one, Drama.
Turtle [To Drama]: You are seriously not gonna wear that flag in there, are ya?
[They pass the KROQ booth and three females stare at them as they pass by]
Drama [To Turtle]: When Pavoarotti plays the El Ray, you can wear the Italian flag. When my Irish brethren come to town, I wear this. [Spreads out flag to friends' laughter]
[Male fan holding ticket in way too obvious a manner stares at them from background as they pass. Female boobalicious fan walks by in foreground. Older guy with laminate and cigarette on cell phone in background.]
Vincent: Hey Johnny, you know U2 was the first concert you ever took me to. "Joshua Tree" tour, he snuck me out of a window. I was seven.
[Three Staples Center staff members in red blazers stand in a row facing the other way as some sort of protective army]
Drama: Yeah, that's right.
[Blonde hottie midriff extra and redhead extra in foreground stare as they walk by. They whisper to each other. Arms crossed guy in background. ]
Vincent [Accidentally bumps female fan extra. It looked real and accidental to me]: Excuse me.
[They are walking by the big Staples sign now. Foreground has big red purse hottie extra, white teeth blondie, and black shirt blondie. Background has guy on cell phone with backstage triangle sticker on pass on t-shirt. Naomi Campbell in background. Just kidding. But she's tall, black, and hot. Background has Hawaiian-shirt guy staring.]
Drama: I got pulled over on the L.I.E. I thought we were gonna miss the show.
Turtle: You were driving when Vince was seven? How fucking hold are you, Drama?
[In foreground, on a planter box, is a paperback book with no one around it. In background is blue tanktopped big white belt midriff girl and her friend, extremely short skirt redhead, again holding their tickets in their hands in an unnatural way.]
Drama: Thirty-one. Get off my ass.
Eric: Thirty-one, Drama? Yeah, in dog years maybe.
Vince: Hey, guys, come on. It's his birthday. Leave him alone.
Vince [To Turtle and Drama]: Give me a second with "E".
Turtle: I hate it when you guys do that.
[First cut of the scene. Camera stops as Johnny and Turtle keep walking, then turn around so that Johnny can yell.]
Drama [Shouting while holding up his flag]: U2 Rules!
[In the far background, the GA line can be seen. Real fans waiting to get in. In the near background, there is a fake line set up that doesn't really lead anywhere. In that line is every hottie extra we've just seen including big red purse hottie, white belt hottie, tiny skirt hottie, and white teeth hottie. They raise their hands after Drama yells and scream themselves. They are all holding tickets in their hands. Between the group of them, they are wearing enough fabric to make a pair of socks. The producers didn't think we'd notice that the same hotties keep appearing in this scene. You have to get up pretty early to get one over on me.]
[Now it's just Eric the manager, and Vince the actor discussing "Aquaman" while they walk a bit behind the other two guys.]

Vince: So I've been thinking about this Mandy thing all night. Forget it. I want her to do the movie.
Eric: Now you want her to do the movie. What happened at dinner last night?
Vince: Nothing. It was just a little weird to see her, that's all. It's gonna be good though.
Eric: You sure?
Vince: Yeah, I'm sure. Don't even mention it to Ari [Vince's agent]
[Four cops pass by in background to join the other two behind a barricade.]
Eric: Okay.
Vincent: You already mentioned it to him, didn't you?
Eric: I might have sent him a panicked e-mail at 4 a.m.
[At this point, Vince and Eric pass a line of people waiting by a side door. These are not extras, I can assure you. They sort of watch the pair go by with detached amusement. They've been in line for 18 hours. None of the extras had any U2-related clothing items on. No old t-shirts or hats and nothing from the current tour.]

[Showtime: Next scene] We are in the bar at the Staples Center. The video for All Because Of You is playing on the bar's flat-panel screens and over the sound system. Ari Gold, Vince's agent is sitting at a table with the four friends. Ari has arranged this concert outing for all of them.
Ari: I can't get Mandy Moore off this movie.
Drama [Interrupting]: Yo, how are these seats, Ari? Cause I need to be able to see Bono. You know what I mean? [He is motioning to the video screens inside the bar. Let's pause and reflect on the fact that none of us would ever say such a thing. Is this our way of learning that Drama really does like the band, because he pronounces the not-exactly-press-shy singer's name correctly?]
Vincent: Ari, it's fine. I was being an asshole yesterday. I have no bad feelings for her. In fact, I have no feelings at all.
I Like The Sound Of My Own Voice
Ari: Excellent! Boom! Let's make a movie.
I didn't give anyone else a choice.
Drama [Always trying to weasel a role]: Yeah. Let's. [They all clink beer bottles]
Drama [To Ari]: So, how are those seats?
Intellectual tortoise.
Ari: Uh, they're nosebleeds. Just like you like them, right?
Drama: "Floor level or bust." That's my motto.
Racing with your bullet train.
Eric: I thought it was "Will act for food."
Some people get squashed, crossing the tracks.
Ari: Before this thing starts, let's get down to a little bit of business. Vinny, the studio wants to see you in San Diego.
Eric: What's in San Diego?
I'm not broke but you can see the cracks.
Turtle: Shamu.
Ari: Comic Con. [Eric, the business manager of the new lead in "Aquaman" would probably know that the nation's largest comic book convention was taking place less than two hours south of them.]
Drama [Surprised]: Comic Con?
Turtle [To Drama]: Ain't that the comic book geek-fest you go to every year?
All because of you.
Drama: That's no geek-fest, Turtle. That's my bread-and-butter. [Drama was on a series called "Viking Quest" for a few seasons.]
Drama: I make $1800 a day selling autties. [So not only does the business manager of the new "Aquaman" not know about the convention, but someone who goes "every year" was also caught unaware that it was taking place the very next day.]
Turtle: You sell German cars there?
Drama: Autographs, dickbag! I've been begging you guys to come for years.
Turtle: And we've been laughing in your face for years because we don't like comic book geeks.
Eric: Maybe you better start if you want to live off "Aquaman" for the next 50 years.
Ari: Listen, the studio wants to introduce "Aquaman" there. They think these geeks can make or break a movie a year before it opens.
Vincent: I don't really wanna go.
Eric: Remember, Vince, they don't pay you to act. They pay you to promote.
Ari: Cameron would be there himself if he wasn't overseeing the construction of the water tank.
U2-related sidenote: U2 held rehearsals for the Vertigo tour at the very same Fox studios in Ensenada, Mexico where James Cameron built the huge water tanks for TITANIC. Remember that "Making of the tour" special on VH1?
Vince: He's not going?
Ari: No, it's just you and Aquagirl. You're gonna make a big splash.
Vince: Mandy's going?
Ari: Yes! [The three friends get silent and look around awkwardly.]
Vincent: What the hell? We'll make a weekend out of it.
Eric: I thought you had no feelings for this girl.
Vince: I don't. I'm going for Johnny.
Eric: Sure you are.
Johnny Drama: Comic Con and U2! [The group begins walking towards the tunnel to enter the arena.]
Ari: That's a big birthday, huh, Johnny Drama?
Drama: Not bad, Ari, not bad. Now, where are those seats?
Ari: Right here. Take a look at that! [Ari hands Drama an envelope with tickets in it.]
Drama [Chuckling]: Very funny. Clippers tickets for Thursday night. Stop fucking around, Ari.
Vincent: Are you serious? [Ari begins to look concerned.]
Eric: You've got to be shitting me!
Drama: You're kidding, right?
Turtle: Jesus Christ. Ari Gold. You just demoted to silver.
I'm alive, I'm being born.
[Let's review the problems with this scene. 1) They apparently got into the Staples Center lounge without having tickets for that night's performance. We all know that the guys at the front door scan the tickets. 2) The manager of "Aquaman" didn't know about the comic convention in San Diego. 3) A guy who relies on that same convention for yearly cash also didn't know it was taking place that weekend. 4) Ari Gold left his house with five tickets to a Clipper basketball game instead of a U2 concert. 5) In that lounge, there are exactly two people among the large crowd wearing any U2-related clothing. And one of them is Drama.]:

[In the very next scene, the four friends are seen driving south on PCH towards San Diego in a black Escalade.]
Drama: I will never forgive Ari for this. Never.
Turtle: Would you let it go already, Drama?
Drama: I would've bought the tickets myself if he hadn't promised them.
Eric: Drama, we could've gone, alright. You just refused to scalp.
Turtle: We could've had great seats for 200 a pop.
Drama: Scalping raises ticket prices so that the average fan can't afford them. U2 stands up for the common man and so do I.
Eric: You are the common man, Drama.
Turtle: More like an uncommon loser.
[Scene ends at the 4 minute mark]

[Scene starts 18 minute mark. We are at the Comic Con and Drama is dressed as Tarvold, his character from "Viking Quest." He is behind a table signing autographs for people who buy autograph tickets. He is in front of a rinky dink poster of himself]
Drama [To fan]: Thanks for coming buddy. [He hands him an autographed photo.]
Drama: Next!
Fan Number Two [Wearing the U2 V Superhero tour shirt, just like the one Drama had on when they couldn't get into the show]: Where was Tarvold born?
Drama [Motioning to t-shirt, sadly]: How was the concert?
Fan Number Two: Uh, amazing.
Drama: Yeah, I hear it wasn't their best.
Fan Number Two: I've been to every tour. They all kick ass, equally.
Drama: Great.
Fan Number Two: Now, where was Tarvold born?
Drama: That's easy, Orkney.
Fan Number Two: No. It's Northumbria.
[Scene ends at 19 minute mark]

[Scene starts at 25 minute mark. Vince and Mandy are announced as the new stars of "Aquaman" in front of an adoring geeky crowd as photos are snapped. Eric's cell phone rings.]
Eric: Hey, what's up Ari?
Ari [From the backyard of his house, while playing with his kids]: Just read R.J. Spencer on-line. Good work, Eric. Put Drama on the phone.
Eric: Hold on.
Eric [To Drama]: It's Ari.
Drama: Ari? For me?
Eric: Yeah.
Drama: Fuck that.
Eric: Take it!
Drama [On phone to Ari]: Yeah, what do you want, birthday-ruiner?
Ari: It's 4 o'clock. You've got four hours to get back from San Diego.
Drama: For what?
Ari: U2, baby! You didn't hear? They just added an extra show. [Yeah, they decided that there was a day off in their schedules that they wanted filled so they decided to play a surprise gig at Staples two nights later, got all the tickets sold and distributed, and it didn't mess up their tour at all. How nice that must be to have so much power.]
Drama: You got tickets?
Ari: Oh, I got tickets. Happy belated.
Drama: How are the seats?
Ari: Nosebleeds. Just like you like them. [Hangs up.]
Drama: Yes!

[Cut to opening of April 6, 2005 U2 show at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. They opened that show with CITY OF BLINDING LIGHTS. Screens are lighting up with speckled lights while confetti falls from the ceiling. Multi-camera pro shots of band, plus additional cameras in upperdeck which aren't quite as steady. Shots of the five guys in crowd from behind the light curtain.]
[Bono at tip of ellipse. Hands raised to sky as lights come up.]
[Cut to boys in crowd. They are near a barrier, about four people back from the rail on Adam's side of the mainstage. They are inside the bomb shelter. You can barely see Ari, you can't see Turtle, and the others are in and out of frame due to the actual fans that they're next to who bounce and dance. Drama is bouncing with the flag on his shoulders. Vince is smiling. They are breaking character because now they're at a show. They are all looking forward. Which means Bono is on the mainstage for this shot, even though we know he's at the tip at this point in the song. Also, there are lights on the actors, but when we cut away, it's dark except for Bono's spot at the tip.]
The more you see the less you know.
The less you find out as you go.
I knew much more then.
Than I do now.
[Back to boys in crowd. They are closer to barrier now. The people against the rail are actual fans, jumping, smiling, photo-cameras at the ready. Turtle is actually drinking something in the packed in crowd. Something needs to be said here. These are not tall actors. Ari and Eric and Turtle are pretty much Prince height. They are moving their heads around to see, just like short people at concerts everywhere. Piven especially seems to need to get on his tippy toes often. Again, this crowd is watching Bono on the mainstage. The last cut had him at the tip. Far away shot shows him at center of main stage. How does he do that? He's amazing!]
Neon heart, day glow eyes.
The City's lit by fireflies.
[Bono miraculously back at tip.]
[Cut to boys]
They're advertising in the skies for people like us.
[Long shot has Bono back at main stage.]
And I miss you when you're not around.
I'm getting ready to leave the ground.
[Close-up of Bono at main stage.]
[Vince does a weird air drum manuver.]
[Bono back at tip.]
Ooh ooh ooh. Oh you look so beautiful tonight.
[Real fans pogo, our actors do not.]
[Bono singing ooh, but camera doesn't see him on main stage.]
[And here's where this scene goes horribly wrong. The song is cut. The best part is taken out. At this point we should be hearing: "In the City of Blinding Lights. Don't look before you laugh. Look ugly in a photograph." It's okay to skip that part. But I'd prefer you didn't skip "what happened to the beauty I had inside of me." But wait, it gets worse later on.]
[Pan through full crowd of estatic people.]
[Vince and Drama smiling goofily.]
Oh, you look so beautiful tonight.
[Bono on main stage tip.]
[Adam now at tip of main stage. Fans are seen in bomb shelter turned around to film Bono who is really on the catwalk now. Fans are mouthing the words.]
Oh, you look so beautiful tonight.
[Quick cut back to Bono on main stage. My head is spinning as I play a game of "Where's Bono Now?"]
In the City of Blinding Lights.
[Then, it happens. Here's where the missing Edge solo and second-greatest bridge on the album section would go. You do not skip, under any circumstances: "Time, won't leave me as I am, but time, won't take the boy out of this man." You just don't. This explains the repeated "beautiful tonight" portion of the song way earlier than you remember. This saved them about two minutes of screen time. Shame on you, HBO. This also explains Bono's power of teleportation as he flies from main stage to tip and back, repeatedly.]
The more you know the less you feel.
Some pray for, others steal.
Blessings not just for the ones who kneel.
[Bono at tip of mainstage getting on knees with left hand up. Now both hands up. Bowing to crowd.]
Bono [Standing up]: All right, now. Hey, Johnny Drama! Que tal? Feliz Cumpleanos, Amigo.
[I know what you're wondering. Did Bono actually say that stuff from the stage during a sold-out Staples Center appearance? I've heard the tapes and can confirm that he did. Although none of the thirty-odd fan reviews at U2 Tours mentions it. Perhaps it happened so early in the show that no one took notice. Except the Entourage cameras and actors.
[Cut to boys. Drama amazed. Grabs Vince for huge hug.]
[U2 begins Vertigo. Screen goes black as credits start.]
Light go down, it's dark, the jungle is your head, can't rule your heart, a feeling so much stronger than a thought, your eyes are wide and though your soul, it can't be bought, your mind can wander.
Hello, hello. Hola. We're at a place called Vertigo. Como Esta. It's everything I wish I didn't know except you give me something I can feel. Feel.
The night is full of holes as bullets rip the sky of ink with gold. They sparkle as the boys play rock and roll. They know that they can't dance, at least they know. I can't stand the beats.
[Credits end at 30 minute mark. U2 is never mentioned in any credit.]

Besides U2, is it worth watching?

MWC says: Thank you for asking. Why, yes it is. It perfectly blends six or seven fictitious characters and dozens of real-life Hollywood players. In this episode alone, we got a diss on Steven Dorff's ability to sink a movie [Side U2-related: Dorff played a Phil Joanou-type director in ENTROPY, which starred a certain Irish band, and did dismal box office business], we get a thinly veiled comic book geek ala Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles, real-life porn stars and even Mandy Moore interact with the fake Vincent Chase and his buddies. Each episode has ten or twelve references to real people or events or places. Ari yelled one time at an underling, "You thought you'd f*** Misha Barton after meeting her at Shelter?" Bob Saget has shown up as a coke-using whoremonger. What's not to love? And it has Jeremy Piven, who has been looking for years (R.I.P. "Cupid") for the right project to showcase his particular combination of quietness and cut-down fury. His "Come on, hug it out, bitch!" has become something of a catchphrase this year.

TEK says: I want to hang out with the guys on Entourage. I want to go to the parties they go to, wear the labels they flaunt, drink a beer with them. I root for Vince to get acting jobs and for E. to bail him out of his messes. I laugh when Drama gives brotherly advice from his experience in the business and when Turtle challenges him. I keep tuning in because it's fun to watch friends who act like real friends. Basically, it's Swingers minus the depressing parts. Characters like Jeremy Piven's obnoxious Ari Gold show how absurd Hollywood really is, but that only adds to the appeal. A fresh change from most of the comedies on today.

Other Notes on U2 and this episode:

From Interference: Doug Ellin may be one of the luckiest U2 fans around. Not only did he spend his April 6th birthday at the band's Staples Center concert, he also got to film an episode of his critically-acclaimed television show "Entourage" there.
The idea for the ninth episode came about inadvertently, according to Ellin. Originally, the episode was supposed the feature the four main characters going to a baseball game but as filming coincided with both Ellin's birthday and the Los Angeles U2 shows, the creator joked that maybe filming should take place at the concert instead.
Calls were placed to Universal Records who passed along the request to the band. The band, who like the show, agreed, as long as filming didn't at all interrupt the concert experience of the fans filling the Staples Center on April 6th. "The band was very hypersensitive to make sure that we weren't interfering with their fans that night," Ellin said. To accommodate that, cameras filming the actors in the ellipse were set up around the arena and not allowed on the floor.
Actual filming only took place during the first two songs, "Vertigo" and "City of Blinding Lights," freeing up cast and crew to enjoy the rest of the concert without having to worry about work. Everyone from the show was excited to be at the concert, particularly Irish-American cast members Connolly and Dillon, that it probably can't be considered "work."
To make sure that filming would go a smoothly as possible, Ellin and members of the crew attended an Anaheim Pond show a few days before. At that show, as reported in a recent issue of People magazine, costar Jeremy Piven, who plays jubilantly aggressive agent Ari Gold, got to hang out backstage with Bono, a meeting that may be responsible for one of Ellin's biggest birthday highlights.
"Right before the show we got a call that Bono would say something that I wrote to the guys from the stage," Ellin said. "It's not much better than if Bono had said happy birthday to me himself."
The "Entourage" boys end up at the U2 concert because it’s Drama’s birthday and all he wants to do is see U2. Ari pulls some strings and gets the quartet into the ellipse. Though he and the aptly named Drama both celebrated their birthdays with U2, Ellin insists the similarities end there. "It was my birthday but how Drama would do it is not how I would do it," he said. "He's going to concert carrying his Irish flag and stuff, I definitely wouldn't do that.”
Ellin, who lists U2 and Bruce Springsteen as the only acts he must see live, did pretty much have the time of his life getting this episode made—he got to attend soundcheck, Bono said one of his lines from the stage and he won the ellipse lottery.
Originally, an ellipse pass was supposed to be set aside for Ellin so he could direct his actors but on the day of the show, there was no pass for him. He did, however, have his own GA ticket. Somewhat dejected about not being able to hang out with the actors in the floor's inner sanctum, Ellin was shocked when his ticket was scanned and chosen a "winner."
All in all, Ellin calls the experience a "dream come true." Not only was he filming an episode of his show at the concert of his favorite band and in the ellipse, his wife was also there to witness the entire thing with a big smile on her face.
The episode, called "I Love You, Too," isn't "Entourage's" only U2-related moment. "All Because of You" has been used in the show's advertisements this season, something else that can be credited to Ellin. "Again, that was me," said the creator, who went to his first U2 concert at around age 10 back in the "War" days.

From the HBO Forums: "So, here is what I heard when the whole cast was on The Big Idea with Donny Deutche (does anyone have a clue how the hell you spell that guys name??). He asked them all to tell him their favorite moment from the second season and Jeremy said that this concert was his since he had to go up to Bono and get him to agree to give a shout out to Drama for the episode. He said it was surreal because it was something that a real agent might actually do and that they couldn't believe that the band agreed, but they did and they were of course super cool about the whole shooting through the concert. Did anyone catch Doug Ellin in the shot too? He is standing directly behind Adriene and has a look on his face that just screams "I have the best job ever!"

Here's a special request. If you were at the shows and remember Bono saying something from stage, or you remember seeing the Entourage actors in the ellipse, please e-mail me and give me the details. I'll add you to this page. Thanks.

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