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Gilmore Girls

Television Show
First Aired November 27, 2001. Episode "Run Away, Little Boy", Season 2, Episode 9.
John Stephens
Principal Cast:
Lorelai Gilmore.....Lauren Graham [Law & Order; Seinfeld; One True Thing]
Lorelai Leigh "Rory" Gilmore.....Alexis Bledel
Emily Gilmore.....Kelly Bishop [Dirty Dancing; Six Degrees Of Separation; Private Parts]
Richard Gilmore ..... Edward Herrmann [MichaelVox Number One Drama Of All Time Homicide: Life On The Street; The Practice; The Paper Chase; Reds; The Purple Rose Of Cairo; Compromising Positions; The Lost Boys; Big Business; Hero]
Lane Kim..... Keiko Agena [ER; Felicity]
Sookie St. James..... Melissa McCarthy [Go]
Michel Gerald.....Yanic Truesdale
Luke Danes.....Scott Patterson [Seinfeld; Will & Grace]
Dean.....Jared Padalecki [ER]
Tristin Du Grey.....Chad Michael Murry [Dawson's Creek]
Lorelei goes on a date for the first time since breaking off her engagement. Rory must play the part of Juliet in the death scene from Romeo and Juliet.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 27:25 with commercials] Last season, Rory broke up with Dean because she didn't feel as strongly about him as he apparently did about her. The day after the breakup she went to a party where she ended up alone in a room with Tristin, the popular 'bad-boy' of Chilton Academy. They shared a kiss. Rory and Dean are a couple once again and Rory has never told him about the kiss that night. In this episode, Tristin returns to school after serving a suspension and is put into the same small class group as Rory. Their assignment is to perform a scene from Romeo and Juliet. At the last minute, rehearsal is moved from the Chilton campus to Rory's small hamlet of Stars Hollow. Tristin immediately goes to Doose's Market to mock Dean, who works there as a stockboy. He ends up dropping a sack of flower and throwing money at Dean. Before a fight can break out, Rory arrives and drags Dean outside for a talk.
Dean: All right! I'm outside.
Rory: I'm really sorry I didn't tell you about this before but Tristin...
Dean: ...Is playing Romeo to your Juliet. Yeah, I heard.
Rory: But he wasn't even in our group at first, and then no one else wanted him and then Paris moved our rehearsal spot to here and she did it today and I didn't have time to tell you.
Dean: You and Tristin wind up thrown together a lot at that school.
Rory: It's just a project. That's all, nothing more.
Dean: You and Tristin playing Romeo and Juliet. Perfect. Really, really amazing.
Rory: I know you hate it.
Dean: Yeah I hate it. I really hate it.
Rory: But we do the scene on Sunday and then it's over and it's back to 'Tristin? Who? I don't know...I don't know Tristin.'
Dean: You must mean that young boy who got mysteriously strangled by a Doose's Market apron one night.
Rory: I heard about that. Awful. They say drugs were involved. Please don't be mad. I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry.
Dean: Sorry about what? You didn't...you didn't choose to do this with him, right?
Rory: No I didn't.
Dean: Then what do you have to be sorry for?
Rory: That...that I didn't...tell you about the rehearsal. And that No Doubt is touring with U2. I know you're extremely disappointed in Bono.
Dean: All right. So when's this thing over?
Rory: Sunday.
Dean: Okay. [kisses her] I'm going to walk around the block. Just get him out of the market.
Rory: Right away.
[Showtime 28:45 with commercials]

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
This show has become the official U2 reference TV program. Someone on the writing staff at The WB must have been angling for GA tickets or something. Three references in nine shows. Not too shabby.

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