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Gilmore Girls

Television Show

First Aired September 24, 2002. Episode "Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days", Season 3, Episode 1.

Amy Sherman-Palladino

Principal Cast:
Lorelai Gilmore.....Lauren Graham [Law & Order; Seinfeld; One True Thing]
Lorelai Leigh "Rory" Gilmore.....Alexis Bledel [Rushmore]
Emily Gilmore.....Kelly Bishop [Dirty Dancing; Six Degrees Of Separation; Private Parts; Wonder Boys]
Richard Gilmore ..... Edward Herrmann [MichaelVox Number One Drama Of All Time Homicide: Life On The Street; The Practice; The Paper Chase; Reds; The Purple Rose Of Cairo; Compromising Positions; The Lost Boys; Big Business; Hero]
Lane Kim..... Keiko Agena [ER; Felicity]
Sookie St. James..... Melissa McCarthy [Go]
Paris Gellar..... Liza Weil [The West Wing; ER; Stir Of Echoes]
Michel Gerald.....Yanic Truesdale
Luke Danes.....Scott Patterson [Seinfeld; Will & Grace]
Dean.....Jared Padalecki [ER]
Jess.....Milo Ventimiglia [Brooklyn South; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; She's All That]

Returning from her summer internship in Washington, D.C., where she mingled with members of Congress, including Senator Barbara Boxer (guest-starring as herself), Rory (Alexis Bledel) faces a dilemma in her conflict over Dean (Jared Padalecki) and Jess (Milo Ventimiglia). Lorelai (Lauren Graham) is overjoyed to have Rory home, but the news that Christopher's (David Sutcliffe) girlfriend is having a baby leaves Lorelai questioning her future.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 11:00 with commercials] On Rory's last day as a Washington intern, there is a mixer for the interns and Congress. A sign says "Welcome to the 15th Annual Junior Leadership Brunch". When the scene starts, Paris is being annoying as usual. She is rapidly talking to Senator Barbara Boxer who is holding a coffee cup as they walk through the party.
Paris: I mean, come on Senator Boxer. As one of our foremost Democratic leaders, I ask you, do you really think it looks good to have the American Secretary of the Treasury traveling around with Bono? I mean, I know apparently he's a saint. He's going to save the world, yada yada yada. But, my God, he never even takes the sunglasses off. We have an image to maintain, don't we? I mean, aren't we at least trying to pretend we're the superpower in this world? I mean, why not just send Carson Daly over to the Middle East next time Cheney goes? Or, hey, hook up Freddie Prinze, Jr. with Colin Powell next time he meets with NATO. I mean, hell, let's hear what Freddie has to say, right?
Senator Barbara Boxer [looking to dump Paris off]: Great, Doug. Uh, Paris, do you know Republican Congressman Doug Ose from California? You don't? Great. You two will have so much to talk about. Bye.
Paris: Ose, right?
Representative Doug Ose: That's right.
Paris: Let's take a walk.
[Cut to Rory at the catering table. Scene ends at 11:45. Note: Paris pronounces our Secretary of State as "Callin Powell" instead of "Cole-in Powell".]

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Another season begins, another U2 reference. This show remains the de facto U2 reference TV program. Someone on the writing staff at The WB must have been angling for GA tickets or something. Or maybe the writers are trying to upset the anti-U2 people working at the WB. This is the fourth reference in three seasons. I'm sure there are more to come. And the show is good also.

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