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First Aired October 15, 2002. Episode "One's Got Class And The Other One Dyes", Season 3, Episode 4.

Daniel Palladino

Principal Cast:
Lorelai Gilmore.....Lauren Graham [Law & Order; Seinfeld; One True Thing]
Lorelai Leigh "Rory" Gilmore.....Alexis Bledel [Rushmore]
Emily Gilmore.....Kelly Bishop [Dirty Dancing; Six Degrees Of Separation; Private Parts; Wonder Boys]
Richard Gilmore ..... Edward Herrmann [MichaelVox Number One Drama Of All Time Homicide: Life On The Street; The Practice; The Paper Chase; Reds; The Purple Rose Of Cairo; Compromising Positions; The Lost Boys; Big Business; Hero]
Lane Kim..... Keiko Agena [ER; Felicity]
Sookie St. James..... Melissa McCarthy [Go]
Paris Gellar..... Liza Weil [The West Wing; ER; Stir Of Echoes]
Michel Gerald.....Yanic Truesdale
Luke Danes.....Scott Patterson [Seinfeld; Will & Grace]
Dean.....Jared Padalecki [ER]
Jess.....Milo Ventimiglia [Brooklyn South; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; She's All That]

The Star's Hollow PTA invites Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Luke (Scott Patterson) to speak at the high school's career day, but when the students bombard Lorelai with questions about her teenage pregnancy, the PTA moms turn ugly. After discovering that her mother (Emily Kuroda) wants her to go to a conservative religious college, Lane (Keiko Agena) asserts her independence by dying her hair purple, with Rory's (Alexis Bledel) help.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 7:30 with commercials] Lane is a drummer in a new garage band. They get to practice for free in the music store where Lane works. But the store is so close to her mother's house that she has to keep the volume low so that her beyond-strict mother won't hear it and investigate. Her mother forbids her to listen to rock n roll, much less play it. The band is quietly practicing The Clash's "London Calling" until the singer threatens to quit unless they can turn it up. The bass player says he'll leave also. They ask her why they can't just rent a rehearsal space in Hartford and play as loudly as they like. Lane begins to freak and says, "Hartford, why not Iceland or France or the Moon?" She is dragged outside by the guitarist, Dave, whom she has a crush on.
Dave: Lane? A word please.
Lane: Dave, talk to them. You're the leader. That's flat out insubordination going on in there. They should be flogged, heel-hogged, strung up from the highest yard-arm.
Dave: No, I can't.
Lane: Why?
Dave: Because we're supposed to be a one-for-all band like The Clash or U2. It's a democracy.
Lane: Democracies are overrated. Now get in there and kick some butt.
Dave: That's not how it works.
Lane: I'll fix Brian's deviated septum. I'll ram one of my sticks up his nose.
Dave: Lane, think about this. Do you really believe this is working?
Lane: No, it's not working. We sound like a bunch of wankers.
Dave: We need a real practice space. We need to be able to really play. Wouldn't you like to actually be able to hit both cymbals?
Lane: Yeah.
Dave: Okay. Then we need to do this.
Lane: I know. I just don't want to leave the band.
Dave: What? You can't leave the band. That's not what anybody wants, especially me. Lane, listen to me, okay. You're perfect for us. It's working.
Lane: So I have to figure out a way to rehearse in Hartford two or three nights a week?
Dave: Yeah. That's not so tough.
Lane: No. It's not so tough and maybe at the same time I'll attempt to master quantum physics and throw Sanskrit in there, too.
Dave: Do your best. Not with the Sanskrit thing, that's pretty worthless, but with the band.
Lane: I'll try.
Dave: There's no way you're going to become our Pete Best. There's no way.
Lane: You're sweet.
Dave: We should get back in there.
Lane: Okay. Um, I'll be in in a minute.
[Scene ends at 8:30. Notes: Lane is more spazzed out over this than she has the right to be. She is dragged from the rehearsal before punching one of the guys for suggesting they play music at a listenable level.]

[Showtime 50:30 with commercials] Lorelai has had a run-in with the other mothers over her remarks about being pregnant at 16. Lane has dyed her hair purple, taken a picture, then chickened out and dyed it back to black because she was afraid of her mother. Lane and Rory are talking about the long day they've had when Lorelai joins them on the street.
Lorelai: People who like me. Great!
Rory: How was your talk at school?
Lorelai: Oh, just peachy. [To Lane] Is your hair blacker?
Lane: Uh oh.
Rory: I wish you hadn't have said that. It's not noticeable. Just stay out of bright lighting.
Lorelai: What happened?
Lane: I dyed my hair. Then I dyed it back, but for a full thirty minutes, I looked like this. [Holds up Polaroid]
Lorelai: Whoa. You look cool. You're insane.
Lane: I got sane again but I will always have that picture. Hide it at your place?
Lorelai: Will do.
Lane: I gotta go and remember, we still need a plan.
Lorelai: Yes, we do. [Lane leaves][To Rory] Why do we need a plan?
Rory: A plan so that Lane doesn't have to quit her band.
Lorelai: Lane can't quit the band! She has to get famous and introduce me to Bono!
Rory: I told her that.
Lorelai: Alright, let's go eat. Let's see if we can figure out a way to salvage my future as a groupie.
Rory: Sounds good.
Lorelai: Let's go to Al's Pancake World for a change. He's doing a salute to Jamaica again.
Rory: Ok. As long as Al doesn't play the kettle drums all night.
Lorelai: We'll hide his mallets when he's not looking.
[Scene ends at 51:00]

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
This is getting ridiculous. This episode was filled with musical reference after musical reference. It's almost getting show-offy. I wouldn't mind if they'd stop talking about U2 for a couple weeks. It's not like they have posters of them or we ever hear any music, it's just a reference thrown in to sound more pop cultury. And I felt while watching this episode that the quick, cocky banter that I used to really like is getting tiresome to watch. It's like a contest. How many words two characters can say at each other (because they don't really talk to each other) in the shortest amount of time. Having said that, any episode that features Lane is going to be one of my favorites.

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