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Nick Hornby

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[Page 160. The Narrator, Rob, owns a record shop in London. Barry and Dick work for Rob. Dick is a timid kid who has just introduced his new girlfriend Anna to Rob at a bar.]
"Richard Thompson," Anna repeats, in a voice which suggests that over the last few days she has had to absorb a lot of information very quickly. "Now, which one was he? Dick's been trying to educate me."
"I don't think we've got up to him yet," says Dick. "Anyway, he's a folk/rock singer and England's finest electric guitarist. Would you say that's right, Rob?" He asks the question nervously; if Barry were here, he'd take great pleasure in shooting Dick down at this point.
"That's right, Dick," I reassure him. Dick nods with relief and satisfaction.
"Anna's a Simple Minds fan," Dick confides, emboldened by his Richard Thompson success.
"Oh, right." I don't know what to say. This, in our universe, is a staggering piece of information. We hate Simple Minds. They were number one in our Top Five Bands or Musicians Who Will Have to Be Shot Come the Musical Revolution. (Michael Bolton, U2, Bryan Adams, and, surprise surprise, Genesis were tucked in behind them. Barry wanted to shoot the Beatles, but I pointed out that someone had already done it.) It is as hard for me to understand how he has ended up with a Simple Minds fan as it would be to fathom how he had paired off with one of the royal family, or a member of the shadow cabinet: it's not the attraction that baffles so much as how on earth they got together in the first place.
"But I think she's beginning to understand why she shouldn't be. Aren't you?"
"Maybe. A bit." They smile at each other. It's kind of creepy, if you think about it.
Besides U2, is it worth reading?
Oh my god, yes. If music has ever been really important to you. If you've ever sat on the floor surrounded by your record or CD collection, taking joy in a reorganization, then this book is fabulous. If you remember the song that was playing when you met each of your former boy/girlfriends, then this book is fabulous. If you're sure that your taste in culture is better than the next person's than this book is fabulous. Funny, touching, honest, brilliant.

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