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Love Monkey

Television Show
First Aired January 24, 2006. Episode "Nice Package", Season 1, Episode 2.
Michael Rauch
Principal Cast:
Tom Farrell.....Thomas Cavanagh [The Late Great Sportsnight; Ed; Scrubs]
Mike Freed..... Jason Priestley [Beverly Hills, 90120; Calendar Girl; Tombstone; Love And Death On Long Island; Eye Of The Beholder; Homicide: The Movie]
Shooter Cooper..... Larenz Tate [Menace To Society; The Inkwell; Dead Presidents; Love Jones; Crash; Ray]
Jake Dunne..... Christopher Wiehl [Can't Hardly Wait]
Brandy "Bran" Lowenstein..... Judy Greer [Jawbreaker; Three Kings; Adaptation; Arrested Development; Elizabethtown]
Julia..... Ivana Milicevic [Jerry Maguire; Felicity; Enemy Of The State; The Mind Of The Married Man; Vanilla Sky; Love Actually]
Karen Freed..... Katherine La Nasa [Seinfeld; NYPD Blue; Miss Match]

Tom tries to save the benefit convert by signing a popular diva.

U2 Pop Culture References:
Tom is fired from a huge record label for something stupid and he finds his way to a smaller label. This is his first day of work at the new place. The new job is so indie, that he is looked upon as a suit. He isn't sure how to approach his job. Julia is a hottie who Tom first thought was a receptionist, but turns out to be another executive at the label. I can't remember the dickhead guy, so he's listed under DH. They are discussing a benefit concert in the board room.

[Showtime: 3 minutes]

Tom: Hey
Julia: Hey, Tom
Tom: Hey. [Voiceover: You just said that.] Hey. [Voiceover: Damn.] I didn't know you were gonna be here.
DH: Well, where would she be? Getting coffee?
Tom: [Voiceover: Who is this guy?] What, uh, no, no, I didn't...I didn't...
Label Owner: Hey guys, uh, I wanted to thank everybody for all your hard work pulling our Rock The Schools benefit together. Got some bad news though. Uh, the Black Eyed Peas are backing out. Apparently, Fergie got the flu and gave it to the rest of the Peas.
Tom: [Laughs]
Julia: So the Peas are out, but we've still got other names. Big names. U2.
Owner: Turns out we never had U2. Just Larry Mullen, the drummer.
DH: What about Geldoff?
Owner: He only does natural disaster benefits.
Julia: Which leaves us with...
DH: ...ten baby bands no one's ever heard of.
Owmer: But look, it's still a good cause. This is a great way to get the label on the map and I think we should go with the baby bands. Yes? Yes? What do you think, Tom?
Tom: Well, uh, with all due respect guys--and when I say "guys", I mean that in a non-gender specific way--you need a headliner, someone to sell tickets and fill the seats and anchor your live album. You need that.
Julia: Anyone you now from Goliath?
DH: Well, wait. Goliath is never gonna sign off on one of their artists doing our gig.
Tom: Well, we can ask. And some are unavailable. Lenny's in Europe, Mariah's taking a break.
Julia: Anyone else?
Tom: Zoe's in town.
DH: "Teeny-bopper-pop-star-doesn't-possess-a-bone-of-talent" Zoe?
Tom: That's the one. [Voiceover: Who is this guy?]
Owner: You could get to Zoe?
DH: I'd rather New York City public schools not have music.
Tom: Dude, "Kewl" is the number one song on the charts.
DH: Dude, she's a one hit wonder.
Tom: She's a name who sells tickets who's gonna get other names. Isn't that what you want?
Owner: Let's do it. Everybody get to work. We'll get back on this tomorrow, okay?
DH: Now I get why we have a suit at our label. [Referring to Tom]
Tom: [Voiceover: What are we--back in the third grade?] If this guy thinks calling me names is gonna bother me he's dead wrong, he's dead wrong.]

Besides U2, is it worth watching?

This show was about a guy who was fired from a big evil record label and found his way to a tiny boutique record label. It was funny, had great, realistic music portions, but was canceled after eight episodes.

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