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The Million Dollar Hotel

Wim Wenders [Paris, Texas; Der Himmel Uber Berlin (Wings Of Desire); Night And Day video; Bis Ans Ende Der Welt (Until The End Of The World); In Weiter Ferne, So Nah! (Faraway, So Close!); Para Delle Les Nuages (Beyond The Clouds); Buena Vista Social Club]
Bono and Nicholas Klein
Principal Cast:
Tom Tom.....Jeremy Davies [The Wonder Years; Spanking The Monkey; Nell; Twister; Saving Private Ryan; The Laramie Project]
Eloise.....Milla Jovovich [Two Moon Junction; Chaplin; Dazed And Confused; The Fifth Element; He Got Game; The Claim; Zoolander]
Detective Skinner.....Mel Gibson [The Simpsons; Mad Max; Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior; Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome; Lethal Weapon; Tequila Sunrise; Lethal Weapon 2; Bird On A Wire; Air America; Hamlet; Lethal Weapon 3; The Man Without A Face; Maverick; Braveheart; Pocahontas; Ransom; Conspiracy Theory; Lethal Weapon 4; Payback; Chicken Run; The Patriot]
Geronimo.....Jimmy Smits [Miami Vice; Running Scared; L.A. Law; The Believers; Old Gringo; Switch; The Tommyknockers; NYPD Blue; My Family, Mi Familia]
Dixie.....Peter Stormare [Seinfeld "The Frogger"; Awakenings; Fatale (Damage); Fargo; The Lost World: Jurassic Park; Playing God; The Big Lebowski; Mercury Rising; Armageddon; 8MM; Chocolat; Minority Report]
Vivien.....Amanda Plummer [Moonlighting; L.A. Law; Joe Versus The Volcano; The Fisher King; So I Married An Axe Murderer; Needful Things; Pulp Fiction; Freeway]
Jessica.....Gloria Stuart [Titanic]
Izzy Goldkiss.....Uncredited [A World Apart; The Cook The Thief His Wife & Her Lover; Vincent & Theo; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead; Reservoir Dogs; Bodies, Rest & Motion; Pulp Fiction; Little Odessa; Rob Roy; Everyone Says I Love You; Gridlock'd; Michaelvox Top Five of 1999: The War Zone]

An FBI agent investigates the death of the son of a media tycoon, who fell off the roof of a seedy Los Angeles hotel inhabited by social misfits.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Film Time: 50:00] A dolly shot through the lobby of the hotel shows Bono talking with two other men in a circle as Tom Tom serves drinks to everyone. He is dressed in his normal clothes, including fly shades. This fact that Bono shows up, dressed as himself, in a fictional film is what qualifies this film for entry into the database. There are other U2-connections in this film, of course.

Bono is credited as one of six producers.
Bono is credited as a co-writer of the story with Nicholas Klein.
Bono is credited under "Original Music" with Brian Eno, John Hassell, Daniel Lanois, and Hal Willner.
In the credits, a "Special Thanks" is given to Paul McGuinness.
Bono is listed as Executive Producer of the soundtrack album. Full soundtrack credits are at U2 Wanderer.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Repeat after me: just because Bono wrote it, doesn't make it a masterpiece. Bono has written dozens of songs bordering on perfection, and he may one day write an interesting, thought-provoking film, but this is not it. It was hard to get through. A large cast of misfit characters, does not a compelling film make. Weirdness does not equal depth of character. Characters are given tics and traits for no discernible reason. Gibson wears a back brace and remembers the third arm that used to grow out of his back. One character, Dixie, thinks he's the fifth Beatle. Eloise is a hooker who spends all her time in used book stores. It was probably fun for the actors to play these roles, but it was no fun for me. There are a couple of bright spots, however. Since it was directed by Wenders, we can be sure that it will be beautiful looking. Although the hotel is run-down and in a terrible part of Los Angeles, Wenders somehow makes it look beautiful. Wenders has never met a crane shot he didn't like and he uses them a lot here. The helicopter shot that opens the film while THE FIRST TIME plays is pretty breathtaking. The slow motion run across the rooftop in that pre-dawn light is something I'll probably remember. It has a certain mood, and it was trying to say something about celebrity and outcasts, but it did not succeed in any non-visual way. Someone is using tar for art and a newscaster messes the two words up. A snobby art seller shows up to tell us the pure chance between trash and artistic gold. A good cast wasted.

4.0 Critical Consensus
* Halliwells
**^ Maltin

Germany / UK / USA
122 Minutes

The Million Dollar Hotel Information.

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