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Northern Exposure

Television Show
First Aired July 19, 1990. Episode "Brains, Know-How And Native Intelligence", Season 1, Episode 2.
Stuart Stevens
Principal Cast:
Dr. Joel Fleischman.....Rob Morrow [Quiz Show, Mother, Maze]
Maurice J. Minnifield.....Barry Corbin [Urban Cowboy, Stir Crazy, War Games, Nothing In Common, Lonesome Dove, The Hot Spot, Career Opportunities]
Mary-Margaret 'Maggie' O'Connell.....Janine Turner [Young Doctors In Love, Steel Magnolias, Cliffhanger]
Holling Gustaf Vincoeur..... John Cullum [The Day After, Mark's father on ER]
Edward 'Ed' Chigliak.....Darren Burrows [Casualties Of War, Amistad]
Christopher 'Chris' Stevens..... John Corbett [Tombstone, Volcano, Sex And The City, Those Ford Commercials]
Shelly Marie Tambo Vincoeur..... Cynthia Geary [Young Doctors In Love, 8 Seconds, Smoke Signals]
A self-reliant Maggie chides Joel for being helpless when he's beset by plumbing problems. Ed's uncle Anku, a medicine man, refuses medical treatment. Chris reads Walt Whitman over the airwaves and angers Maurice, who prefers show tunes on his station.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime: 14:00 without commercials] Joel is trying to fix his own shower with the help of Ed. Ed is wearing his usual black leather jacket and underneath it is a Joshua Tree-era bootleg t-shirt. It has the Anton Corbijn shot of the band at Zabriskie Point in Death Valley. Bono is in the tank top that they sold on that tour. The U2 letters are in bright red, while the rest of the shirt is black and white, which makes me believe it's an unofficial product.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
This is MichaelVox's favorite dramedy of all time. Let's recap: favorite comedy show: THE SIMPSONS, favorite drama show: HOMICIDE: LIFE ON THE STREETS, favorite half and half: NORTHERN EXPOSURE. This show consistently made me laugh and tear up at the same time. The music was perfect for every mood, the town itself (which I've visited) made me want to move to Alaska (even in the winter), and the people of the town were so artificially worldly and compassionate and non-judgmental that I wanted my neighbors to be more like them. The writing is spot-on, the acting was very good (although besides Morrow and Corbin, few parts have fit as perfectly as these), and the overall feel of the show is very unique. The reruns are on A & E in the USA now. I recommend checking out a few episodes.

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