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Nothing Sacred

Writer and Director:
David Elliot and Mark Huppin
Principal Cast:
Darin . . . Paul Provenza [The Facts of Life, Strictly Business, Northern Exposure]
Matt . . . Steven Dunham [The Mummy]
Kevin . . . John Gloria
The lives of a group of San Francisco Generation X'ers are challenged when the married couple in the group has trouble with fidelity.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
During a playground basketball game:
Kevin: When did you stop believing in God?
Darin: It seemed to be a natural part of growing up. First the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, then Santa Claus, Bono, and finally God.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Low budget, good use of San Francisco locations, a bit talky. Read my full review.

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