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The Pillow Book

Writer and Director:
Peter Greenaway [The Cook the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover, Prospero's Books]
Principal Cast:
Jerome . . . Ewan McGregor [Shallow Grave, E.R., Trainspotting, Emma, Brassed Off, Desserts, The Phantom Menace]
Nagiko . . . Vivian Wu [The Last Emperor, Iron & Silk, The Joy Luck Club, Heaven & Earth]
The Father . . . Ken Ogata
A Japanese woman with a fetish for being written upon takes an elaborate revenge on the homosexual publisher who humiliated her father.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
(1) There is a fashion show within the first ten minutes and loudly playing is DADDY'S GONNA PAY FOR YOUR CRASHED CAR.
(2) In the middle of the film, after Jerome has been written on and delivered to the publisher, DADDY'S GONNA PAY FOR YOUR CRASHED CAR is again played as he drops his robe to display the words written on his body.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
Peter Greenaway is an acquired taste. This film is like watching a moving art exhibit. You know it's pretty cool and you're supposed to like it, but you're not sure why. Good use of picture-in-picture-in-picture and subtitles and fonts and images on top of images. There are a lot of naked bodies, but in this film's case, the numbers are skewed towards the male side. Noteworthy for showing Ewan McGregor in all of his ample naked glory.
Extra Notes:
Secret source 'AVW' sends in the following: "As an assistant to director Peter Greenaway, I'd like to add to this reference. In 1995 there had been several contacts between Peter and U2 in order to work on a soundtrack for the film. The first sessions were great and the band, especially Bono and Edge, were thrilled with the co-operation. However, after several demos were completed, the film took a slightly different feel and Peter saw that it would not be appropriate to use the U2 songs written thusfar. U2 went ahead with some demos and later used them on the Passengers album. This shows the importance of this film to U2's output (although not everyone is happy about the entire Passengers experiment.)"

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