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First Aired March 27, 2003. Episode "My Kingdom", Season 2, Episode 19.
April Pesa
Principal Cast:
Dr. John J.D. Dorian.....Zach Braff [Manhattan Murder Mystery; Getting To Know You]
Dr. Eliott Reid.....Sarah Chalke [Roseanne]
Dr. Chris Turk.....Donald Faison [Juice; Sugar Hill; Clueless; Waiting To Exhale; Can't Hardly Wait; Felicity; Remember The Titans]
Dr. Bob Kelso.....Ken Jenkins [Thirtysomething; Mad About You; NYPD Blue; Matewan; The Abyss; Air America; Homefront; And The Band Played On; The Stand; Executive Decision; Courage Under Fire; Psycho; Gone In Sixty Seconds]
Dr. Perry Cox.....John C. McGinley [Frasier; The Practice; Platoon; Wall Street; Talk Radio; Lost Angels; Fat Man And Little Boy; Born On The Fourth Of July; Point Break; Article 99; Se7en; The Rock; Mother; Set It Off; Office Space; Three To Tango]
Nurse Carla Espinosa.....Judy Reyes [Law & Order; NYPD Blue; Nothing Sacred; The Sopranos; Godzilla; Oz]
Nurse Paul Flowers.....Rick Schroder [More U2-related: I sat one row in front of him at the 1986 Amnesty International Tour at the Los Angeles Forum when U2 and Sting and others played; The Champ; Lonesome Dove; Crimson Tide; NYPD Blue]
Ted the Lawyer.....Sam Lloyd [Seinfeld; The Drew Carey Show; Spin City; The West Wing; NYPD Blue; Rising Sun]

Turk takes J.D. up to surgery, and right from the start J.D. steps all over Turk when trying not to be the geek among the surgeons. That hurts Turk's feelings, and J.D. feels bad for not thinking about his long time friendship with Turk when he made the jokes. They finally come to terms at the end, when Turk decides to get over this because it was just another one of J.D.'s goofs, as many he has made in years. Meanwhile, Paul hears Elliot say "I love U2" while she was rearranging her cd's and thinks she said "I love you too". That takes him to a whole different level, while Elliot is actually trying to find a way to break up with him. And Dr. Cox decides to get even with Dr. Kelso by telling everyone he's dead, revealing what people really think of him. [From tvtome.com]

J.D. struts his stuff in surgery as Eliott Struggles with her true feelings for Paul. J.D. begins a surgical rotation and in an attempt to lose his nerdy medical resident reputation he reveals a secret about Turk to get "in" with the rest of the surgeons. While his betrayal earns him a place at the surgical table, it may cost him a friendship. Meanwhile a miscommunication between Elliot and Paul leads to confusion about their true feelings for each other and Dr. Cox plays a "deadly" practical joke on Dr. Kelso. [From nbc.com]

J.D. is starting his surgical rotation, so for a brief moment, he gets to escape the nerd world of the medical residents. His first day in surgery is a disaster. He knocks over the instrument tray and later, the heart that they just removed pops out his hands and onto the floor. He tries to fit in with the other surgical residents by telling secrets about Turk. Like the fact that he took ballet lessons when he was in college. As J.D. becomes more popular with the surgical residents, Turk's popularity decreases, putting him in the geek category. After Turk grows more distant, J.D. realizes that his true self is as a nerd, hanging out with other nerds.
Elliot and Paul's relationship is still going strong, except for the fact that he has started telling her what to do - grow out her bangs, start wearing thongs, stand up to Dr. Cox. Things take a turn for the unknown when she accidentally says, "I love U2" out loud while organizing her CD collection. From the other room, Paul thinks she is saying that to and about him. The words have a very positive effect on Paul, who apparently feels the same way. He even sends her a singing telegram to express his feelings.
She later realizes that she doesn't love him and she has to find a way to tell him without hurting his feelings. During a picnic lunch, she blurts out that he drives her crazy. He realizes that she is trying to break up with him. So, he tells her that if she had just told him that he was too controlling he probably would have made adjustments, since she is so special. Instead he just walks away.
Out of frustration with continually having to use outdated equipment, Dr. Cox throws an old computer out the window. Instead of replacing the computer, Dr. Kelso buys a huge portrait of himself. As a practical joke, Cox places an obituary plaque under the painting, suggesting that Dr. Kelso has died. His office is cleaned out and his prized desk, too big to fit through the door, is cut in half by The Janitor, eager to use his new circular saw.
When he returns from his trip, Kelso is shocked to learn that people are more disappointed that he's actually alive instead of being sad that he was dead. He does try to become more likable, even if only temporarily. He replaces the computer Cox threw out the window with one from 1970. To make up for losing his desk, he buys himself a brand new computer. [From scrubs-tv.com]

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 5:30] Eliott, the anal-retentive doctor is alphabetizing her CD collection while her boyfriend Paul The Nurse is over. They've been dating for four episodes.
Eliott: Hey, should I file my Bell Biv Devoe CD under "B" for Bell Biv or under "D" for Devoe?
Paul: You know, I don't know why you let Dr. Cox push you around like that.
Eliott: Hey, do you notice that you're always telling me what to do? I mean, in a good way.
Paul: Nuh Uh.
Elliot: Then how come I'm growing my bangs out and wearing a thong?
Paul: Because you look better without the bangs and the thong--well that's not up to me--that's the law, missy.
Elliot [giggle--he starts kissing her]: Yeah, not now. You know that I don't like kissing while I'm alphabetizing.
Paul: Right. Just so you know, I'm not folding my clothes before we do it tonight.
Eliott: Ha. Yes you are.
Paul: Hey Eliott, I just want to tell you that the last few weeks have been really, really amazing.
Eliott: Thanks. [He goes into the bedroom. She looks at the CD in her hand.] I love U2.
Paul: What did you just say?
Eliott: I said I love U2.
Paul [smiling]: Wow.

[Showtime 8:00] Carla and Eliott are walking down the hallway of the hospital in mid-conversation.
Eliott: I was talking about U2, the band. You know what? It's fine. He probably thinks that I was saying it the way you'd say "I love eggs." You know, I'm sure there is not going to be a problem.
Carla: Ok.
The hospital barbershop quarter shows up.
Ted [clears throat]: He have a telegram from Nurse Paul Flowers. [Quartet chuckles at his name.] That name is funny. Ahem. This is my band.
Eliott: Oh my god Ted. Everybody knows. TV themes.
Ted: That's old news doll face. We do commercial jingles now.
Quartet [singing in perfect harmony]: Ohhhh, Ahhhhh, the best part of waking up, is Eliott in your cup, in your cup.
Eliott: That's it?
Quartet [singing]: By....Mennen!

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
It was teevee.org's Best Half Hour Show of 2002-2003. It is funny and doesn't have a laugh track and suddenly jumps into dreamland (one time featuring a memorable Fred Re-Run Berry). The opening episode of 2003-2004 wasn't up to par, but it's still a season pass on my Tivo.

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