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Six Feet Under

Television Show
First Aired June 17, 2001. Episode "The Foot", Season 1, Episode 3.
Bruce Eric Kaplan
Principal Cast:
Nate Fisher.....Peter Krause [The Truman Show, the late great Sports Night]
David Fisher.....Michael C. Hall
Ruth Fisher.....Frances Conroy [Crimes And Misdemeanors, Billy Bathgate, Scent of a Woman, Sleepless In Seattle, The Crucible]
Claire Fisher.....Lauren Ambrose [In & Out, she was the girl locked in the bathroom with the geek in Can't Hardly Wait]
Federico.....Freddy Rodriguez [A Walk In The Clouds, Dead Presidents, Can't Hardly Wait, Payback]
Keith Charles.....Mathew St. Patrick
Brenda.....Rachel Griffiths [Muriel's Wedding, Jude, My Best Friend's Wedding, Hilary and Jackie]
A bakery owner meets an unsavory demise and it's up to Fredrico to put the pieces back together. The Fishers decide to sell out to Kroehner, but Nate backs down after meeting with "that greedy little Nazi fuck," Gilardi. Claire finds a disturbingly apropos way to pay Gabe back for blabbing to the school about her toe-sucking exploits. A vengeful Gilardi tells Nate that Kroehner has bought the abandoned house across the street, and plans on turning it into a cheap crematorium. Looking for a way to feel "alive", Ruth visits the horse track with best friend Amelia, but loses a bundle. After Nate and Brenda make love in the Kroehner house, it suspiciously catches fire.

U2 Pop Culture Reference:
[Showtime 5:00] Nate and his girlfriend Brenda have just finished having wild, off-the-bed sex. Her clock radio is playing Peggy Lee's "Things Are Swinging".
Nate: I love this song.
Brenda: This? Really?
Nate: Yeah, my dad had all these old big band records. Always reminds me of, I don't know, of being a kid. Sailing blissfully ignorant of what a sick joke life can be.
Brenda: I pegged you as more of a fan of...what...Sting? U2? You know 'grew up in the 80s but too straight to be into the hardcore punk stuff'.
Nate: Oh yeah. And I suppose you were into the really hardcore punk stuff.
Brenda: Kind of. I think it was just the heroin talking
Nate: [looks at Brenda quizically]
Brenda: Oh man, I love that look.

Besides U2, is it worth watching?
This was only the third episode, but it was created by the guy who wrote AMERICAN BEAUTY (MichaelVox's top film of 1999), so the pedigree is good. So far I've enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. It has incredibly funny, incredibly black humor, as you'd expect from a show about a funeral home. It is also touching in a dysfunctional family way. HBO continues to provide intelligent, adult original shows. It looks like another keeper.

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