July 18, 2005
Camera 7 — Campbell CA
119 minutes

Hide Your Bridesmaids — WEDDING CRASHERS.

A modern classic. Seriously. Hilarious. I love Vince Vaughn. I was no fan of Owen Wilson. But together they are perfect. Vaughn in perpetual fast-forward, and Wilson slowly drawling. They take bets on what bible verse will be read, they have names set up for any possible permutation of wedding, Indian, Chinese, Jewish, WASP. Rachel McAdams is a doll and a half as Wilson’s love interest. She is really something.

It’s not perfect and doesn’t take any deep thought to enjoy. But there are lines in here that will be enjoyed for decades. There are swear words and boobs. There are wacky family situations. There is a great montage of all the weddings they’ve crashed and how they sidle up to the bride and groom, at one point even cutting the cake with them.

This is one to have in the collection.

6.4 Metacritic


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Written by Michael W. Cummins