July 23, 2005
78 minutes

Cheaply made documentary that lays out just why Fox News is dangerous and not just asinine. Obviously it was preaching to the choir with me. One of the things that I found interesting was the voice-altered former reporters, so afraid of reprisal that they were bodiless voices. They had good inside baseball knowledge of how the operation works. I never get tired of hearing someone (read: Bill O’Reilly) say they did something once, and then we seet footage of it happening over and over again. A good sub-story is the son of a Port Authority worker, whose father was killed on 9/11 appearing on O’Reilly’s show and the argument that took place.

Every time the documentary shows the famous Fox logos WE REPORT, YOU DECIDE or FAIR AND BALANCED, you’ll snicker to yourself. The usual suspects act as talking heads. Funny story about a reprimand a reporter received by not reporting on the widespread celebration taking place on Reagan’s birthday at his library. There was one elementary school field trip on hand. That was it. No great outpouring of feeling or emotion.

If you think that Fox News makes you stupider, the longer you watch it, you won’t hate it any more than you already do.

5.8 Metacritic


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Written by Michael W. Cummins