July 23, 2005
85 minutes

Has several things going for it. You get to see Lou Ferrigno as a young man, you see the ridiculous styles that people used to wear around the bicentennial. Check out Arnold’s red, white, and blue, huge-collared shirt. Of course the main attraction here is my governor, Arnold Schwartzenegger. He may be single-handedly trying to ruin my favorite state, but he really is far and away the most compelling person in this documentary about bodybuilding. He seems nice, boastful, nervous, and completely full of charisma. It is also proof that his English has not improved in any noticeable way since 1977. He psychs out Lou before a big competition. He smokes a joint and flirts with women. This film is a pretty cool time capsule.


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Written by Michael W. Cummins