January 25, 2007
Campbell CA — Camera 7
131 (long) Minutes

Almost incomprehensibly disappointing. I could not believe how cold I was left after seeing this. My mind wandered. I may have dozed. I kept waiting for the magic I was promised. I wanted to see Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson earn their Supporting Actor nominations. But no such luck. I expect Jamie Foxx to act a certain way. I know Danny Glover will be good. But the fact that the best thing on screen was Beyonce tells you what I thought of this film.

Every time Eddie Murphy was on stage, I flashed right back to his James Brown In The Hot Tub skit from Saturday Night Live. I’m happy that a true comic genius is returning to the limelight, but this was in no way the vehicle for him.

Jennifer Hudson, who is garnering incredible acclaim for her voice and her backstory and her emotional, show-stopping singing, was the biggest disappointment. She sang her big number with arms shaking and voice screaming and we’re supposed to break out into applause? No thank you. She overacted, her character was only a victim of herself. She has a voice, yes, but she is no Best Supporting Actress.

Beyonce on the other hand is supernaturally attractive and had to have the largest character change of anyone. She is naive at first, insisting on having a chaperone accompany the girls on tour, she grows into her sexuality, she is thrust to the front of the group, begins to enjoy it, and becomes an almost Streisand figure by the end. All in a variety of wigs–each larger and wackier than the last. There is a scene of her in a recording booth, singing while she stares at Foxx who has turned into the inevitable cruel manager. That scene was better than anything else in the film to me.

I simply cannot see what all the fuss is about. There are no songs I can even remember, much less ones I want to hum around the house.

“Academy Snubs Dreamgirls” was the headline the day the Oscar nominations were announced. Thank goodness.

2006 Oscar Nominations:
~~Best Supporting Actor for Eddie Murphy
~~Best Supporting Actress for Jennifer Hudson
~~Best Art Direction

7.6 Metacritic
7.9 Rotten Tomatoes


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Written by Michael W. Cummins