December 15, 2007
775 Minutes
Crime / Drama
David Simon

The Wire is the best show that has ever been on television. I’ve been on this bandwagon since the first episode in 2002. A character says something in the first ten minutes of the season and the reaction to that line won’t happen until the 13th hour of the season. Filmed entirely in Baltimore. Full of a stable of perfect actors. Black people are heroes and villains. Gay people are heroes and villains. Cops, politicians, drug dealers, civilians are heroes and villains. It has to be considered a 13-hour work, not a collection of 60 minute episodes. You’ll never get it if you go in with that idea. The Wire as a collective of four seasons (the fifth about to start) may be the best filmed story I’ve seen in my lifetime. Few films measure up and no television measures up. Sorry Sopranos–BSG–Hill St. Blues–etc.

Winner of the Peabody Award. So There.


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Written by Michael W. Cummins