December 30, 2007
Netflix DVD
Hong Kong
Cantonese / English / Thai
101 Minutes
Crime / Drama / Thriller
Wai-Keung Lau and Siu Fai Mak

Loyalty. Honor. Betrayal.

Two lives intersect, of an undercover cop, who has infiltrated a Triad gang, and a gangster who has become a cop to keep his boss informed of police activities.

…for the first time in cinema history, Tony Leung has no cigarette to obscure his face moodily…very professional film-making from Hong Kong, especially the sound mix…two incredibly attractive leads and three hot women who are onscreen for a total of five minutes, tops…

7.5 Metacritic
8.1 IMDB
#234 IMDB
** Halliwell’s


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Written by Michael W. Cummins