January 11, 2008
Netflix DVD
English / Latin
136 Minutes
Documentary / Biography
Michael Apted

…Part four of the series. The English children are now 28 years old. Most seem relatively happy. They refer to “the program” and how it’s affected their lives, being followed by an unknown public. Two of the fancy pants prep school boys are not included in this episode. One remarks that “he’s said all he wanted to say in a previous episode.” Surprisingly, the guy who seems to be barely hanging on mentally is open and available as we follow him into his tiny trailer carrying his one suitcase. Most of the participants have found partners and have begun families. The filmmaker does a great job of refreshing our memory about each person by showing us clips from their younger days. I look forward to 35 Up…

8.3 IMDB


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Written by Michael W. Cummins