January 19, 2008
Netflix DVD
110 Minutes
Drama / Romance
Sarah Polley

Sometimes You Have To Let Go Of What You Can’t Live Without.

An acting clinic by Julie Christie, who is still incredibly hot, even at her advanced age. Husband must put wife in Alzheimer’s nursing home before things get too out of hand at their lakeside Canadian cottage. Fiona gets confused in the kitchen and may not come back the next time she heads off on a cross country ski excursion.

Slow pace and winter beauty make it seem to unfold in real time. Fiona has good days and bad, the nursing home staff seems caring, with just a little more structure than may be necessary. Fiona begs her husband and love of her life to take her to the home before he is nearly ready. And then she demands that he leave, knowing the rules state that he must stay away for 30 days. He knows that he is basically saying goodbye to someone with whom he hasn’t been apart in more than 40 years. Heartbreaking.

Oscar Nominations:
–Actress Julie Christie
–Adapted Screenplay by Sarah Polley

8.8 Metacritic
7.9 IMDB
**** Ebert


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Written by Michael W. Cummins