I’ve been told by snobby computer people-in-the-know that Blogger is so very 2005 and I should upgrade to WordPress. Let’s see how this goes.

All of my more than 1000 past movie review postings can still be found from the old Blogger page which is here.

Both Blogger and WordPress pages are hosted at www.michaelvox.com so I don’t see any issues with pages disappearing. I’m just getting used to WordPress. In fact, I’m not sure how to add a blogroll to this template. But I’ll try and keep a steep learning curve.

Issues I’m Dealing With:

–when I update a link or template or anything else, it says “changes saved” or whatever, but it doesn’t update the page itself until I come back to this edit screen, make a change of some kind in the text box, and then save. I’m sure I’m missing some equivalent of Blogger’s “republish entire site”

See ya,


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Written by Michael W. Cummins