February 28, 2009
Cinequest 19
90 Minutes
Jozsef Sipos

The photography is milky–like a 1970s porno from France or Sweden. The location is a vineyard house kept in the family and wanted by an unmarried daughter and son-in-law Lajos who everyone agrees is a scoundrel. In fact, words like “scoundrel” come up often in this film. There is a lot of angsty conversations between characters. All centered around the pure or impure heart of Lajos. Did he marry who he loved? Did our heroine, Eszter, commit the sin of not following her heart truthfully or did the late sister really steal the love letters without Eszter or Lajos’ knowledge?

Before Lajos shows up, no one has a kind word to say about him. He preys on women’s hearts and men’s wallets. He owes the whole town money, it seems. He “borrowed” one man’s watch for five years. He switched a family heirloom ring with a cheap immitation. By the time we see him, he’d better be charming. Once he arrives, we see him fall into old patterns, but he in now way deserves the kind of worship that he’s been given. No way.

Lajos will cross a room to stand by Eszter as she gazes out the window in contemplation of her life. She’ll emote and then move to a different window while Lajos tries to woo her all these years later. Beautifully shot, but doesn’t amount to much.

6.9 IMDB (69 Votes)


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Written by Michael W. Cummins