March 4, 2009
Cinequest 19
97 Minutes
Seyyed Reza Mir-Karimi

Attractive wife-mother is polite to everyone she meets. She timidly offers advice when people insist, she is highly thought of. She may even be a genius. But we’ll never know because she is stuck in the rut of obedient housewife. Her eight-year-old daughter would rather sing along with songs on the radio than learn how to cook from her mother. Her son is even less enamored of his mother, insisting that he can get to English class on his own by using cabs. Her husband is invisible but we know he’s an architect or engineer. They aren’t wanting for much. People borrow from her household because they have it and Taraneh is always willing to help. Quiet, the woman has much poise even though everyone around her is acting psychotic. She keeps an incredibly even keel, even while packing her things in a suitcase and calling a “Koran helpline” where on two occasions she is hung up on. There is a big wedding going on upstairs and a very pregnant neighbor continually reminds her of a life she thought she’d have. When she is asked to bless the wedding for the young couple because “she’s so happily married” its all she can do to not break down. She also dabbles in painting and has begun writing poetry, although its clear that none of her family or friends have any idea. She seems to have just one real friend, a woman who lives apart from her husband and daughter and runs a clothing boutique. A self-made woman who isn’t afraid to be alone. Is the grass greener?

8.9 IMDB (23 Votes)


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Written by Michael W. Cummins