March 7, 2009
Cinequest 19
100 Minutes
Jan Verheyen

Belgian pushover works for a tabloid newspaper where he is given the “wacky story” of the day. He visits a group that helps new immigrants to help them assimilate into Belgian society. Of course there’s a Palestinian woman and of course she’s beautiful–and single–but will she be nice to him only so she can emigrate? Our hero has a perfectly beautiful supportive girlfriend at home and we don’t know why he leaves her for the new woman–could it be her exotic foreign-ness? Her non-blondness? Her big brown eyes? Protagonist gets an interview with a reclusive rap star / social activist who sings for the downtrodden. The sensibility is all over the place. He speaks to the camera, he learns about racism, he stands up for himself, he deplores violence, he treats his alleged love of his life in subtle racist ways. Oh yeah, and his grandpa wants to kill himself as dementia takes over. Not hard to watch, but sort of unnecessary.

6.3 IMDB


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One Response to “LOS”
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Written by Michael W. Cummins